Slide Quality guarantee PatataArtesana02 PatataArtesana06 PatataArtesana12 We select each potato to maintain the best flavor in each bite. Slide Aceituna Aceituna Aceituna Aceituna Aceituna For demanding palates Patatas fritas artesanalmente PatataArtesana01 PatataArtesana10 Sal Rama de olivo Slide Natural Ingredients PatataArtesana11 Cayena Cayena Ajo natural Diente de ajo We only use natural ingredients; No chemicals or artificial flavors.

Handmade Potato chips in olive oil

At Pafritas, we take care of every detail in the manufacturing of our potato chips. As a family business with more than 25 years of experience, we know that taking care of each ingredient in each part of the process is important. It is essential for us that each bag leaves our facilities with the best quality controls we could provide. Our potatoes are fried in olive oil following a traditional process so that each bite tastes homemade and achieves that crispy, golden, fried potato flavour we are known for.


Aceite de oliva

Olive oil

Potato chips with only natural olive oil, we avoid the use of other oils that will worsen the taste.

Ingredientes naturales

Natural ingredients

We only use natural ingredients in the creation of our potato chips.

Slow food

Slow food

Our production process is completely artisan, preserving their unique flavour.

Cuidado del proceso

Attention to detail

We take care in the whole process; from the choice of each potato to its bagging so that we can turn them into our famous potato chips.


Our chips are perfect for any occasion; a snack to accompany a picnic in the countryside, share them in a park with friends or while you watch a movie...

Cichos en un bar tomando patatas
Cichas en casa comiendo patatas

An intense flavour that highlights their gourmet character.


Ideal for gourmet consumers looking for a different product.


The daring can enjoy our chips with spicy cayenne pepper.


A classic flavour.


A tribute to our famous dish “Patatas a la Riojana”.


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